Success Stories

“Warm and safe…”

“I don’t know what we would have done without your help. It wasn’t easy living in my car with my son, dropping him at school, going to work and trying to find a safe place to park each night. After you paid our deposit, we moved right into the apartment. My friend says it’s small, but it’s really big to us. It’s warm and safe, and we don’t have to look for public places to wash up…”

“I cut back on food…”

“My late husband handled all these things, so when my HMO stopped paying for my main prescription and I didn’t have enough left to pay for it. I didn’t know what to do. I cut back on food for a while. When I came to you, I wasn’t sure what you could do for me. I was overwhelmed when you paid for my medicines and gave me food right away. Now that I get food every week and the other services you arranged for me, I can make it.”

“I couldn’t get to work when my car broke down…”

“I couldn’t get to work when my car broke down. It would take me over 2 hours each way by bus, and I couldn’t afford to pay any more for day care. That mechanic you sent me to was very good, honest, and quick. Thanks to you, I could fix my car. God Bless you all.”

“We would have been evicted…”

“We can’t thank you enough. When my husband was laid-off, we didn’t have enough to pay for COBRA, and my temporary job doesn’t have any benefits, so medical costs drained our savings. Then I stayed home two days when my girls were sick then I got what they had so I didn’t get paid for that week, and we couldn’t pay our rent. My husband got a new job but wouldn’t get paid for a month. I couldn’t believe how much you helped us, so fast, too. After we filled out all those papers and you checked everything, we walked out with our rent check. What a relief. We would have been evicted and God knows what would have happened to us then.”

“You helped me last month in so many ways…”

“You helped me last month in so many ways, and I wanted to thank you. I am the Grandma with the leaky gas stove. My grandson and I couldn’t stay in the house with that smell and danger. My new stove is like heaven, and staying in the motel while they fixed everything was wonderful. Getting to go to the Community Christmas Center meant I could give him some presents, get lots of food, and get new towels that we really needed. I don’t know what we would have done without you. Please thank everybody there.”

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