Director’s Corner : A Message from our Executive Director

Sunnyvale Community Services never turns away an eligible person for lack of funds or food.

On the Streets Where We Live

We Californians love our cars, but few of us would want to sleep in our vehicles. Sadly, that is happening more frequently for many Sunnyvale residents. Seniors, couples, and families with children who are evicted from their homes want to stay near the schools and jobs and the neighborhoods they know—so they park their cars on local streets. The person serving you at a local restaurant or cleaning your house may not have a home to go to after work. The front seat of their car is their living room.

Living in Sunnyvale, we have a lot at stake in the future of Silicon Valley. The housing crisis and transportation challenges are affecting long-time residents who have lived in Sunnyvale for decades. Access to affordable housing can help hard-working families with children live where they work and go to school, and allow seniors and Veterans on fixed incomes to remain in the community where they spent their lives. Without this access, seniors, children, and grandchildren risk being forced to move out of the area, and those who remain risk losing some of the rich tapestry of an inclusive community.

Sunnyvale has always been a welcoming community. Our community voted overwhelmingly to support Measure A, which will raise nearly $1B over the next 30 years for low-income housing and first-time home buyers in Santa Clara County. Voters also approved Measure B, which will raise much-needed funds for improved public transportation and road repairs. Our State of California government is also considering infrastructure and housing initiatives that can improve the quality of life for all residents. Sunnyvale Community Services stands with these efforts.

Sunnyvale Community Services never turns away an eligible person for lack of funds or food. Our roots go deep, and thanks to continued community support, we’ve been able to serve those less fortunate amidst the successes and challenges of Silicon Valley. We are grateful for the thousands of volunteers and donors who make it possible to serve 8,000 of our neighbors in need every year.

Marie Bernard
Executive Director, Sunnyvale Community Services
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